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Design and run your own test cases with TARA. LeadingMile Consulting’s TARA is able to give clients the ability to design and run test cases without any coding. This means anyone from the business or change team can use it without having to bring in specialized developers. This shortens time to market and lowers costs significantly.  




Many organizations are running major manual testing operations which are taking up a lot of resources to fulfil the testing demand within an organization. Trends in Software Development are towards releasing more often. Business and security demand a shorter time-to-market of software changes and upgrades.  



By designing a user-friendly, excel based test automation software which enables anyone to design and run their own test cases on any web-based application. You can run tests directly in your browser or as a Windows service on a server. 



Building our own test automation software which is specifically aimed to empower end-users with a simple to use automated test framework. This means no coding knowledge is required in order to automate your testing. This allows you to spend less time testing and more time focusing on your core business. 

LeadingMile’s TARA is software specifically designed to help organizations to optimally perform automated tests. This helps deliver higher quality software for your organization, with less effort spent testing. 


What are the advantages for your organization? 

Building up a visually compelling story with clients means gaining clearer insights on data that was previously hard to comprehend. Once you have that covered it is then key to decide what information you are most interested in. Does it have to do with risk, profit and/or time-saving? Due to our extensive experience in Alternative Investments we are able to get to the core issues in a rapid fashion.  


What are stakeholders and decision makers most interested in? 

Stakeholders are quick to recognize that the combination of factors that TARA offers in combination with a solution that largely works out of the box makes for a perfect solution. It offers:

  • Less risk 
  • More profit 
  • Less time spent 


With TARA, we provide a solution for the above mostly named challenges. Save time and money with TARA.

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