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Amsterdam / London, UK, April 29, 2024 – LeadingMile Consulting (“LeadingMile”), a European technology consultancy for the financial sector, unveiled TARA for Salesforce 2 weeks ago. Here is a Tara for salesforce media coverage roundup. Learn what the media has picked up on and how TARA for Salesforce is the out-of-the-box Test automation tool to make test automation easy for salesforce users! 

TARA, software for automated testing and robotization, has evolved since 2019 and is proven technology in the investment sector. Through TARA for Salesforce, LeadingMile has introduced a cutting edge, out-of-the-box, modular test automation tool. This means that TARA has the unique capability to add other relevant systems in an automated fashion. The Drawdown picked up on this and write about this: “TARA can now be used to test any web-based application used by fund managers”. They also interviewed our CEO: “The significance of the release means we will be able to handle more CRM systems, including Salesforce”

The full article can be found here: LeadingMile integrates TARA into Salesforce | The DRAWDºWN (the-drawdown.com)

ERP Today, established as the independent voice of the enterprise technology sector, has picked up on the unique feature to add any customization to the TARA repository and use it for quick starts with out-of-the-box testing. “Its primary feature could be automatically adapted to customizations and contains pre-configured tests and building blocks.

The full article can be found here: Salesforce partners with IQVIA and LeadingMile to benefit users (erp.today)

Lastly, Consultancy.eu picked up the story, together with consultancy.nl, an international, online platform for the advisory and consulting industry. They also interviewed our CEO and showcase the efficiency that can be achieved through TARA: “Implementing changes and upgrades to systems is known for being complex and labour intensive, especially for customizable systems”. The obvious that TARA brings “ensures that tests are delivered across all critical components of an organization’s operations. The tool supports automated testing across any web application, and provides insight into potential issues”.

The full article can be found here: LeadingMile launches Salesforce test automation tool TARA (consultancy.eu)

Empowering Salesforce Users

With TARA for Salesforce, we offer a state-of-the-art tool that combines a powerful automated testing tool with unparalleled ease of use for all salesforce clients. This means that any client can benefit, which is especially relevant for heavily customized clients who would otherwise spend fortunes on their development and test cycles.

Custom demo’s

Test automation made easy for salesforce users: LeadingMile invites organizations interested in optimizing their Salesforce testing processes to visit the TARA for Salesforce page at https://tara-testing.com and register for a custom demo. Get in touch with LeadingMile to learn more about the connectivity broad spectrum of applications TARA optimizes testing for: https://www.tara-testing.com/contact/ or via https://www.leadingmile.com/contact


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