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LeadingMile proudly announces TARA 2.0. TARA stands for Test and Robotic Automation, it is the premier no-code testing tool for all web-based applications and specialized in test automation of eFront. Through our experience in the alternative investments market we have customized TARA to meet the needs of our demanding clients. It is able to handle the most complex customizations in eFront. And now, LeadingMile is now announcing a fully updated version with significant changes, enhancements and a new, more direct way of running your test cases. Through these changes we aim to make testing even more out of the box and easier to use.
TARA is fully configurable to automate testing and robotize processing for all process flows for any web-based application. TARA is tailored to meet the needs of customers using Blackrock eFront’s Invest software and comes pre-packaged with a full repository of eFront Invest’s standard configuration, a unique feature possible through our partnership with Blackrock. From now on, client no longer have to rely on vendor testing nor on costly manual labor.  

Our standard building blocks in TARA enable a whole suite of end-user test cases, specific calculation accuracy and report validation to be fully automated out of the box, dramatically reducing end-user testing effort each time a new release is required. It also facilitates a move towards agile ways of working, including Continuous Development and DevOps, and enables a much more rapid development release cycle. We are working closely with our partners to extend out this pre-packaged functionality to other applications in common use within the alternatives investment management industry for future releases. 



LeadingMile has since its founding in 2017 revolutionized testing by removing the strain caused by manual testing practices and has empowered members of the business side to actively play a role in testing and testing strategy. In essence we’ve been able to improve efficiency at clients massively and have empowered them to cut back on manual testing resources/efforts by more than 50% on average. Due to the massive time and cost benefits that TARA brings, clients can take advantage of more rapid software releases or changes to their configuration, whatever the size of the change.



With the release of TARA Studio, LeadingMile introduced an easy to use front end application that allows users to build, manage and maintain all of their test cases in a web-based application. Studio interacts with CORE directly and removes the need to build test cases directly in Excel files. By simplifying the necessary steps to build their tests, using pre-configured building blocks native in the TARA software, we empower business users of the core applications, with no coding experience, to write and run their own test cases in rapid fashion.  


TARA 2.0 

What we have proven is that through the combined use of TARA Core and TARA Studio, clients can drastically minimize the errors that usually arise during lengthy testing operations by actively guiding users and tracking each change that has been made in the test suite. With TARA 2.0, bot are fully integrated and users will have a direct way of running all required software from one location. And there is more, we added a lengthy list of additional functionality as well as dashboards.  



Our reporting dashboard gives you better test result reporting with measurable metrics and meta data. Making use of third-party tools, our reporting is flexible and can produce separate reports for different areas of your business. 

Reliability and adaptability are crucial in software testing and TARA makes these features come together. TARA gives you the ability to add new functionality to host programmes via plugins. All without altering the host programme itself. 



Visit our TARA page at www.leadingmile.com/tara and register for your custom demo. Or get in touch with us on About Us – TARA Testing (tara-testing.com) and via Contact – LeadingMile


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